All about users functionalities

I'm in the train and I want to book a room before my arrival. Are my access authorisation instantly sent to the doors locally ?

After online payment, it takes 10 minutes to update the local system and let you enter in your room.

I cannot access to the interface. Can I book a room by telephone ?

If you have a phone number on the sub-site of your city, yes, you can call them to organise a booking for you.

I want to book a room for three days, but the room I want is not available one day. Can I book another one for this day ?

Feel free to book as many rooms as you want for the days you want. You will see all your choices in your basket.

I've lost my pin code to access my room. Can I ask for a new one ?

Problem easy to solve : go on your user profile, check your past orders, select the booking you need, click 'Send the pin code again'.

All about administrator functionalities

Can I modify manually an event (change the date, the number of participant, etc.) ?

Yes you can. All data entered by a user can be updated manually.

Can I record manually a demand I receive by Email or telephone ?

The administrator interface is totally opened to manual entries. Type all required information, generate the pin code and send the confirmation to your client.

Can I modify the options for a room. I want to add a new service like 'Drinks'. Possible ?

Options for a room is fully updatable. You can create a new option ('cleaning' for example) and add it to a specific room.