Keep the control of your building

Manage the access of your building

and your space booking


Booking management

An integrated solution

From online reservation to the physical access, we offer an integrated solution that makes your client’s experience a simple and pleasant one.

Easy to use

All your spaces available on a single interface. Let your clients make their choice, SpaceBooking will accompany them in the most easy way.

Easy to manage

Add a space, edit the expenses and / or the options (drinks, cleaning, etc.), validate time overruns, control the rooms capacity and monitor your activities
Installed with our package, CredoID software from our partner Midpoint Security offers all extended functionalities for a complete and performant access control management system.
Access Control

Secure your building

while keeping its access easy

A hard-soft integrated solution that manages outside and inside access without additional human intervention

Manage all kind of users
Generate pin codes online to authorise your temporary visitors to enter any predefined spaces. Manage ID cards for your usual users to let them move freely inside your buildings.
Monitor all activities and smarten up your facilities !
All accesses are recorded as well as users with pin codes or cards. You know who's entered at what time. Supervise the use of your space. You may also add options such as video-protection, move detection or the closing of shutters, etc.

We support as Software Editor, we act as Technical Integrator


Listen to the client, understand his/her expectations and needs and find the most appropriate technical solution. Simple Actions for efficient solutions.

Design Office

Work on building plan, place the components at the right place, develop relationship with local installers : define technical file for a fast and professionnal deployment.

IT Integration

Prepare appliances, deliver configured products : no need for deep knowledge in IT infrastructure, only a screw driver to cable all components is required.


On field questions, technical advices during installation process, advices for commissioning : normally, you shoudln't have to contact us, but we are available for you.


You need specific requirements or custom developments ? We adapt our tools to your needs !


You have no technician available ? We can help you out !

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise.

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